Communication Consultant Job Description

Leveraging a skills-based volunteer with communications experience is a smart way to ensure that critical information is captured and promotional messaging is effectively communicated to the proper audiences throughout the various phases of the project (scoping, sourcing, implementation, evaluation, and recognition and celebration). Feel free to use the sample role description below to inform your search for a suitable volunteer.

Role Description

Communication Consultant

Position Summary

The Communication Consultant will ensure the story of a pro bono project is created and communicated to target audiences. This individual will work with the organization and project participants to understand key moments of impact and amplify them through the appropriate channels to target audiences. They will write and distribute communications in order to highlight the success of the project to key stakeholders and garner support for future skills-based volunteering projects.


  • Help create and implement a communication plan that utilizes a variety of media channels and platforms that are appropriate and accessible for the organization.
  • Design and execute social media campaigns and elevate the organization’s web presence with the goal of generating an additional source of volunteers for future skills-based volunteering projects.
  • Develop the messaging that will be shared during each phase of the project.
  • Reach out to appropriate partners and organizations, including press and local media when appropriate.

Qualifications and Required Skills

  • At least two years of communications/writing experience, preferably in a small business environment
  • Strong knowledge of various media channels and social media strategy
  • Strong communication and writing skills; preference for experience in digital storytelling

Skills and Competencies the Consultant Will Develop

  • Ability to find solutions with limited resources
  • Knowledge of the social sector and of volunteer management
  • Ability to teach and share business knowledge for improving processes
  • Ability to influence key stakeholders through networking and interpersonal relationship building
  • Leadership