Make the Internal Business Case

You may find you need to “sell” your colleagues, leadership, or Board of Directors on how pro bono will deliver value for your organization. Consider the following dimensions to craft your case and use our Pro Bono Calculator to quantify the unique monetary value of your specific pro bono project.

  • Increase program effectiveness and potential to scale by building your organization’s capacity
    By investing in the systems and processes that make programs and services run optimally, you will position your organization to more effectively achieve your mission at scale.
  • Build systems and infrastructure with minimal increase in budget or costs
    There is a capacity gap for a reason. Nonprofit funds are limited and often prioritized for program execution and service delivery. Pro bono offers a solution to build capacity without adding an extra line item to the budget. Keep in mind, however, that pro bono is not free — it does require an investment of time and energy from your staff!
  • Invest now to save later
    Consider the long-term savings (in dollars and efficiencies) that a project will enable. Undertaking a pro bono website renovation could translate into ongoing savings by bringing your web hosting in-house. Building an online donation platform may attract an estimated five new donors with an average gift of $1,000 each. Refining your compensation policy may save you the costs of high employee turnover.
  • Get the right expertise
    Pro bono enables you to tap into external specialist knowledge without hiring a new employee or contracting out. Consider volunteers an extension of your staff that can offer precisely the complementary skills and experience you need to move a project forward.
  • Develop your staff’s leadership, functional, and project management skills
    Unlike traditional consultants, skilled volunteers work alongside your staff, transferring knowledge back and forth to develop customized strategies. Through this process, your staff will absorb the new skills and knowledge they need to effectively carry the project forward – and to manage future pro bono engagements.
  • Grow your network of supporters by exposing professionals to your mission
    Skills-based volunteering is a great way to get to know a potential champion, supporter, or corporate partner – and to enable them to get to know you! Consider the potential value of a partnership to your organization’s long-term strategy and visibility.