Ready Your Organization

The Challenge

Understanding whether your organization is ready to leverage the pro bono services delivered by skilled volunteers to better meet your mission.

Why is this Important?

Pro bono services can be transformational in helping an organization build capacity. However, a certain amount of infrastructure and planning must be in place to maximize impact. Without the right ‘readiness’ elements in place, organizations can face challenges such as misdirected volunteer efforts, a heavy project management lift, or low-quality results.

What You’ll Learn

  • Determine whether your organization is ready to engage in a skills-based volunteering project
  • Identify the steps you can take and the resources you can use to improve your readiness for skills-based volunteering opportunities

Tools and Resources You’ll Use:

Check your Readiness

Receive an objective assessment of your organization’s readiness to leverage pro bono services, along with customized tips for preparing to work with skilled volunteers

Make the Internal Business Case

Access talking points that enforce the unique value of pro bono engagement and generate buy-in from your leadership, Board, or other stakeholders