Shape Your Project

Project Scoping Tool

This tool will guide you through the process of defining a pro bono project that will help your organization achieve its strategic priorities.

You will finish the exercise with:

  • A clear goal statement that articulates how the project’s successful completion will inform or further your organization’s wider strategic or organizational priorities.
  • An articulation of the final product your volunteer will create – the more specific the better!
  • Clearly delineated phases of work that include the steps your volunteer will take to complete each phase. Typical phases include Discovery, Design, Implementation and Training.
  • Dedicated milestones for each phase of work. A milestone is a formal presentation of interim work products. Formalizing these presentation and feedback points enables your organization to ensure the volunteers’ work aligns with your vision and needs.
  • A list of the key volunteer skills needed to complete your project.

Here’s an example of what your final product will look like:
Sample Project: Digital Communications Plan

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