Define Key Stakeholder Metrics

Considering the diverse needs and motivations of all involved stakeholders will enable your organization to narrow in on the right metrics to effectively evaluate and communicate the impact of your skills-based volunteer project. Need insight on what those needs may be?

Social sector organizations (you!) want to:

  • Gauge the impact of the project on operational effectiveness
  • Build a case for future investments into capacity needs
  • Share impact data with key constituents (funders, constituents, Board members, etc.)

Click here for a sample self-survey you can administer after your project.

Companies and Funders want to:

  • Assess how their grant or philanthropic dollars were leveraged
  • Appraise social sector organization effectiveness
  • Measure what impact their investment had on the community (Social Return On Investment or SROI)
  • Determine the impact of skills-based volunteering projects on employee recruitment and retention

Volunteers want to:

  • Identify where they enhanced leadership skills and other areas of professional development
  • Measure the community engagement that resulted from their work

“Our ability to apply for a tech grant is greatly improved now because we have a tech plan. Literally all we need to do is put a cover letter on it. It’s enabled us to send out a very comprehensive and well-written document to tech funders.”