Manage Your Project

The Challenge

Even with the best preparation and planning, if a project is not executed properly it will be difficult to obtain the expected results. Successful implementation requires all players to understand and commit to project roles, expectations, and process.

Why Is This Important?

The implementation phase drives the results of the project. Getting it right will improve the experience for your team and your volunteer partners, ensure you finish with an actionable, sustainable outcome, and pave the way for future productive skills-based volunteer engagements.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to structure an honest and productive partnership with your volunteer(s)
  • How to select the right internal project manager for the project and maximize that individual’s learnings from the experience
  • What tools, resources, and existing methodology can support your implementation effort before, during, and after the project

Tools and Resources You’ll Use

Document Your Partnership

Read about formalizing your volunteer engagements in writing.

Create an Equitable and Productive Dynamic

See tips for minimizing power dynamics and developing an open relationship with volunteers.

Identify the Right Project Manager

Learn how to select the right staff member to oversee your volunteer project.

Manage Your Project Effectively

Review best practices for managing a skilled volunteer project.

Prepare for Your Project Hand-Off

Access a “hand-off checklist” to ensure a smooth transition after a project is completed.