Embed the Practice

The Challenge

Understanding how pro bono can be utilized as an ongoing, effective capacity and leadership-building tool for your organization.

Why is This Important?

There is enormous potential for skills-based volunteering to be a game-changing resource for the social sector. Skilled volunteers are able to provide significant and immediate capacity-building results for organizations. Further, the practice of skills-based volunteerism strengthens the fabric of our communities by knitting together expertise and resources from different sectors to create strengthened sustainable solutions that don’t come undone when partners part ways. Organizations that view pro bono as an ongoing resource, akin to staffing or funds, build pro bono into their annual planning processes and their organizational toolbox.

What You’ll Learn

  • Tips to transition volunteer relationships into ongoing, institutional partnerships
  • How to build pro bono into your strategic planning practice

Tools and Resources You’ll Use

Extend Your Volunteer

Learn how to position your pro bono project as a launchpad to longer individual or institutional partnerships

Build Pro Bono into Strategic and Operational Planning

Access tips for proactively building skills-based volunteering into your organization’s annual planning processes