Navigating COVID-19

A step-by-step guide for nonprofits who want to leverage skilled volunteers in times of crisis

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This page highlights important resources for nonprofits seeking support from skilled volunteers in adapting their organizations, operations, and services to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 operating environment. These recommendations are based on insights from Common Impact’s disaster assistance service line, which can be explored further in the report Impact and Insights 2019: Disaster Response – From Relief to Resiliency.

Skills-based volunteering can serve as an important resource in an emergency, providing you with pro bono access to business-critical expertise in:

• Contingency Planning • Crisis Communications • Technology • Financial Management • Stakeholder Engagement • Operational Realignment •

Where can you get started?

What can pro bono help with during COVID-19?
See examples of crisis-related needs that can be addressed by virtual skilled volunteers
How do I know what my organization needs, specifically?
Conduct a 10-minute resiliency assessment to identify core organizational needs that best align with pro bono solutions
How do I design a project that meets those needs?
Leverage our easy-to-use interactive “scoping” tool to define a pro bono project that will meet your core needs in the current moment
Where do I find volunteers?
Access a roster of sources of skilled volunteers, including virtual aggregators and local individual and corporate networks
How can I ask for more help?
You can contact us with questions at 

We at Common Impact are grateful for and inspired by the hard work, long hours, emotional fortitude, ongoing innovation, thoughtful humility, and endless determination of the nonprofit community. Thank you for what you do. And thank you for continuing to serve as a community, working and collaborating through challenging times.

That’s how we’ll get through this. Together.