Digital Communications Plan

Project Need

Our organization is currently working to expand visibility among a younger (18-35 years old) subset of prospective volunteers and donors in our community to increase the future sustainability of our programs. Right now, we are working to begin using our largely dormant digital marketing platforms (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, blog) to reach this audience, but we lack dedicated marketing staff and our efforts have been largely sporadic and ineffective. By formalizing a digital communications plan, we can more systematically and effectively leverage these platforms to reach and engage our target audience.

Project Goal

A skilled volunteer or team of skilled volunteers will assess our visibility goals and existing digital communications efforts in order to define a year-long digital communications plan that lays out activities our staff can institute to increase online visibility.

Project Phases

Phase 1 – Kick-off

Volunteers and Nonprofit X staff meet, discuss current state, and confirm project goals, process and roles.

Milestone: Volunteers develop a statement of work, work plan, and timeline, which are approved and signed by Nonprofit X.

Phase 2 – Discovery

Volunteers develop an understanding of Nonprofit X’s mission, programs and organization and conduct a high level assessment of current audience reach and communications efforts. Volunteers conduct a contained landscape analysis of three to five peer organizations’ digital communications efforts to understand Nonprofit X’s market.

Milestone: Volunteers share Discovery findings, including key gaps and opportunities. Volunteers collect feedback from Nonprofit X on any initial recommendations posited and refine project work plan as needed.

Phase 3 – Design

Volunteers outline a high level digital communications strategy that enumerates 1) the three to five key digital marketing channels Nonprofit X should utilize, 2) the types of content best disseminated on the different channels and 3) recommendations for cadence of communications.

Milestone: Volunteers share initial strategy with Nonprofit X and solicit feedback on recommended activities and cadence, particularly as they relate to staff capacity to execute. Volunteers refine project work plan as needed.

Phase 4 – Implementation

Volunteers convert strategy into an actionable plan that dictates the weekly, monthly, and yearly activities Nonprofit X will conduct across its various digital channels. The plan includes any relevant messaging tactics or recommendations (e.g. calls to action, hashtags, cross-platform integrations).

Milestone: Volunteers present the final digital marketing plan to Nonprofit X staff and provide training to ensure they are equipped to implement it.

Phase 5 – Wrap

Volunteers and Nonprofit X staff celebrate completed work and reflect on the experience.

Milestone: Volunteers hand off all project documentation and both parties complete a written evaluation of the experience.

Skills Needed

Areas of Need: Marketing

Hard Skills: Project Management, Digital Marketing, Communications, Copywriting, Social Media, Audience Segmentation, Brand Activation, Search Engine Optimization

Soft Skills: Training and Facilitation, Attention to Detail, Passion for our Mission

Other Skills: We’d appreciate a volunteer who is of or has insight into the age demographic we’re seeking to reach (18-35 years old)

Project Timeline

June 3, 2019 – August 30, 2019