Volunteer Recruiter Job Description

We often equate the volunteer recruitment process to the hiring process. Much as a recruiter can help you find the right job candidates, a recruiter can also support you in landing the right skilled volunteers to meet your needs. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of finding the right pro bono support — particularly if you need multiple volunteers for multiple projects — consider working with a recruiter who can build up a volunteer pipeline, vet candidates and set up your partnerships. Utilize the job description below to find a recruiter to support you with this work. 

Role Description

Volunteer Recruiter

Position Summary

The Volunteer Recruiter will work with the organization to identify volunteer candidates with the right skills and talents to take on the organization’s specific project. The Volunteer Recruiter will do so by working with the organization to understand specific volunteer needs, building partnerships with individuals and entities to access to pools of potential volunteers, and defining a process for ongoing recruitment, as needed. This individual will exhibit strong networking and influencing skills and a process-oriented mindset.


  • Understand the skill sets needed for the project and develop volunteer specifications
  • Seek out partners, institutions or channels (e.g. online platforms, social media) that can provide volunteers with the right skill sets
  • Vet prospective volunteers on behalf of the organization
  • Establish a volunteering agreement with potential partners and volunteers
  • Institutionalize the process of recruiting volunteers by implementing a skilled volunteer talent acquisition process and infrastructure

Qualifications and Skills Needed

  • At least two years of recruiting, marketing, and/or talent acquisition experience in a small business/nonprofit environment
  • Strong knowledge of talent acquisition best practices and protocol
  • Access to various talent acquisition channels, including companies, professional networks, online communities, and social media
  • Cross-cultural competency
  • Strong communication and listening skills

Skills and Competencies the Recruiter Will Develop

  • Ability to find solutions with limited resources
  • Knowledge of the social sector and volunteer management
  • Ability to leverage networks and interpersonal skills to influence outcomes
  • Ability to teach and share business knowledge to improve processes
  • Leadership